Technological Entrepreneurship











Naiot –Technological Center Ltd: Medical Device & Software. PO Box 620, Yoqeam 20692. PH: 04-909-0000 Fax 04-909-0001

ATI-Ashkelon Information Industries Technologies Ltd: Life Sciences, Cleantech & Water Technologies; North Industrial Zone, Tzomet Abba Hillel, Yakhin Hakal Park, PO Box 7284, Ashkelon 78172 Ph 08-675-1122, Fax 08-675-1113,

Xenia Venture Capital Ltd (TASE) Medical Device, Communications & Software; 1 Leshem St., PO Box 720 Kiryat Gat 82000. PH: 08-681-1761, Fax 08-681-1863;

L.N Innovative Technologies Ltd: Environmental Technologies; 2 Yagur St, Profit Building, Haifa, 32626; PH 04-847-0100 Fax 04-842-2550

Van Leer Technology Ventures Jerusalem Ltd: IT, Security, Industrial Applications, Advanced Materials & Components, Medical Device & Diagnostics; High-Tech Village, Givat Ram Capmpus, The Hebrew Univeristy, PO Box 39158, Jerusalem 91391: Ph 02-655-3333 Fax 02-566-1881.

Targetech Innovation Center LTD: Medical device, Materials, Telecommunications & Gaming; 41 Hagavish St., Poleg Industiral Area; PO Box 8027, Netanya South 42101: Ph 09-885-1116, Fax 09-885-1090.

The Time Innovation Ltd, New Media; 6 Ha’nechoshet St., Ramat Hachayal, Tel Aviv 69710: Ph: 03-647-5788; Fax 03-647-3819;

RAD BioMed Incubator Ltd: Life Science; Migdaelei Orr-Building A, 27 Habarzel St., Tel Aviv 69719: Tel 03-768-4929 Fax 03-768-4941:

JVP Media Studio LP; New Media; 28 Hebron Road; Jerusalem 93542 Ph 02-640-9025; Fax 02-678-5128,

Kinrot Incubator Ltd: Water Technologies; Tsemach Factories, Jordan Valley 15132; Ph: 074-713-6666; Fax: 04-670-9014;

Yozmot HaEmek Techmological Incubator Ltd: Various Technologies; Mifaley Ha’Emek, PO Box 73; Migdal Ha’Emek 23100 Ph: 04-654-4800; Fax 04-654-3082;

Ofakim Hi-Tech Ventures Ltd; Various Technologies; 7 Bezalel St., PO Box 633: Ofakim 87516; Ph: 08-992-5580; Fax 08-992-6581

Incentive Incubator Ltd: Medical Device & Communications; Ariel College Campus; PO Box 3, MP Efraim 44820 Ph 03-936-4754; Fax 03-936-6873

Mofet B’Yehuda Incubator Ltd: Environmental, Aquaculture, HLS, Software/Hardware, Communications & Life Science; Industrial Park, PO Box 80, Kiryat Arba 90100; PH: 02-996-3880; Fax 02—996-1571:

 Meytag Hi-Tech Ventures Ltd: Life Science, Cleantech, Material, IT, Communications & Semi-conductors; Industrial Zone, PO Box 12, Katzrin 12900; PH: 04-696-2561 Fax: 04-696-2564;

Meytav Technological Enterprises Initiation Center Ltd: Life Science; PO Box 408 iryat Shmona 11013: PH: 04-681-8800; Fax 04-681-8806;

Yozmot-Granot Initiative Center Ltd; life Scince, IT & Energy Technologies; Granot-Hadera., MP Hefer 38100; PH: 04-632-1390; Fax 04-632-1392:

Ma’ayan Ventures Ltd (TASE): Medical Device; PO Bx 3010, Omer Industrial Park 84965; Ph 08-625-5888; Fax 08-646-6870;

Iris Ventures Ltd: IT, Cleantech & Water Technologies: Midreshet Ben-Gurion, PO Box 114; Sde Moker, 84990; Ph 08-653-2726; Fax: 08-653-2266:

Rotem Ventures Ltd: Biotech, Materials, Environmental & HLS: Rotem Industrial Park, Mishor Yemin, 206 Oron Rd, Arava, 86800; Ph 08-655-8796; Fax 08-655-6106;

 Technion Seed Ltd: Medical Device, Communications & IT; Matam Advanced Technology Center, Building 30; PO Box 15054, Haifa 31905: Ph 04-854-6655, Fax 04-854-6644

Misgav Venture Accelerator Ltd: Medical Device & HLS; Misgav Business Park, MP Misgav 20179; Ph 072-260-7222 Fax 04-999-1901

NGT –New Generation Technologies Ltd: Life Science, IT, Communications & Software; Nazareth Elit, PO Box 1252, Nazareth, 17111; Ph: 04-656-4118 Fax 04-656-4129;

Bioline Innovations Jerusalem LP (Biotech Based Incuabator) Biotechnology, 19 Hartum St. PO Box 45158; Har Hotzvim, Jerusalem, 91450; Ph 02-548-9100; Fax 02-548-9101

Hi-Center Ltd (Technology Based Industrial Incubator) Various Technologies; 7 Pal Yam Av, Haifa 31000 Ph: 04-862-2333; Fax 04-862-2333;

Meizam Arad Ltd (Technology Based Industrial Incubator)Various technologies; 28 Haplada St; Arad Industrial Park; Ph 08-995-3010; Fax 08-995-3055,


(Bar-Ilan) Institute for Nanotech;

(BGU) Department of Solar Energy;

(BGU) Insitute for Water Research;

(BGU) National Solar Energy Center;

(Haifa) Center for Energy Studies; Natural Resources & Environmental Research Center:

(Hebrew U.) Center for Nanoscience and Nanotech;

(Hebrew U) Dept. of Soil and Water Sciences;

(Technion) Grand Water Research Institute;

(Technion) RBNI Nanotech Institute;

(Technion) Samuel Neaman Institute;

(Tel Aviv University: Research Institutes:

(Tel Aviv U.) Gordon Center for Energy Studies;

(Tel Aviv U.) Center for Nanoscience and Nantech;

(Weizmann) Dept of Env. Sciences and Energy Rsearch;

(Weizmann) Institute for the Energies of Applied Reseach;

(Weizmann) Sussman Center for Environmental Sciences;

Arava Instuitute for Environmental Studies:


Bar-Ilan R&D (Bar-Ilan);

BG Negeve Technologies (BGU);

Carmel Ltd. (Haifa);

Ramot (Tel Aviv U.);

TRDF (Technion);

Yeda R&D (Weizmann);

Yissum Tech Transfer (Hebrew U.);


The Chief Scientist Site list new programs and contact names for most programs listed in this section. Overview with tabs is:

The Chief Scientist Brochure listed below is also very good:

Technology Infrastructure Enhancement – Magnet, Contact: Ilan Peled. Ph 03-511-8110:  Promotes technological transfer from academic institutions to industry via musal cooperation between an industrial company and an academic research group. Project’s budget is up to 800,000 US$ Grants are up to 66% of approved budget.

Technology Infrastructure Enhancement-Noffar, Designed to support applied academic research in biotechnology & nanotechnology in order to adjust it to relevant applications in the industry and promotes the transer of these technologies to the idustry; Project budge is up to 100,00 US $, Gransts are up to 90% of the approved budget.

Pre Seed – Tnufa, contact Mr. Itamar Dar, Ph: 03-516-5044: Encourages and supports techological entrepreneruship and innovation at pre-seed stage. Assists individual inventors and startup companies during earliest stages of projects, inculding evalution of technological and financial feasibility, preperation of patent proposal for submission to authorities, construction of prototype, preperation of buisness plan, establishing contact with appropriate industry represenatives as well as attracting investors. Grants up to 85% of approved expenses for a maximun of $50,000 for each project. Email: Mr. Itamar Dar, Fund Manger:

Pre Seed- Technological Incubators, contact at Chief Scientist: Rina Pridor Ph 03-511-8127: Provides support for nascent companies to develop their innovative technological ideas and form new business ventures in order to attract private investors. Grants up to 85% of approved budget.

Pre Seed – Seed Fund Heznek Program- Contact: Itamar Dar Ph 02-666-2457: The Government Seed fund. The slowdown of the world economy has cased a decrease in the level of investments in start-up companies and consequently a lessening in the number of start-up companies formed. The program is based on the government matcing and investment in a start up company. Proportional to the investment of an investing entity and giving an option to the investor to purchase the government shares in the start up company at the initial price. also at:

Competitive R&D, Approved R&D program Contact: Moshe Haizler Ph: 02-666-2516 Approved R&D program must last at least one year, and should lead to the development of a new product or a significant improvement to an existing product. Grants are up to 50% of the total approved R&D expenditures. The annual budget of 230 million is spent on 775 projects being undertaken by 500 companies. The site breaks it into A. Development of a novelity product and B R&D support for companies in Special Geographical areas. also at:

Pre Competitive R&D, Magnet Consortium, Supports the formation of consortia maade up of industrial companies and academic insititutions, in order to jointly develop generic, pre competitve technologies. Grants up to 66% of approved budget for industry and up to 80% for the academic institution. also at:

Pre Competitive R&D, Katamon: Promote water techology projects by tripple cooperation between industrial company, acedemic research group and water infrastructure program; Project budget up to US$1M.

Pre Competitive R&D, Research Institutes: Contact: Shaul Freireich Ph 02-666-2490: Supports R&D programs carried out by Research Institutes Grants up to 90% of approved budget.

Pre Competitive R&D, Generic R&D, Contact Lydia Lazens Ph 02-666-2465 Encourages companies heavily in R&D to invest a seginficant percentage of funds in long term generic R&D Grants up to 50% of the approved budget.

 A wonderful overview of the Chief Scientis is available in a pdf file titled: The Intellectual Capital of the State of Israel.

Pre Competitive R&D, R&D Centers in Universites, aims to create and develop techological infrastructure for industry use. Russel Berrie Institutes for Nanotechnology at Technion, :National Institute for Biotechnology Research and Development in the Negev Ben Gurion in Be’er Sheva.

International Programs: Multinationals, Matimop, Contact: Yair Amitay/ Haya Miller Ph 03-511-8111: Promotes and assists participation of Israeli companies in international bilateral or multilateral cooperation programs for industrial R&D. Maintains updated database of prjects in many advanced technologies and databse of profiles of Israeli industrial companies seeking international cooperation.

International Programs: Europe’s R &D Framework Agreement –ISERD Contact: Marcel Shaton Ph 03-511-8123: Israel is the only non-European country fully associated with EU framework program for Research and Development. The Program offers Israeli companies and research organizations an opportunity to participate in jointly implemented projects with European counterparts.

International Programs: Eureka: Contact: Udo Mannes Ph 03-511-811 #31: Currently Israeli companies take part in more than 10% of all running Eureka programs. 40% of Eureka project participants are small/medium enterprises (SME) including start up companies. also at

International Programs: Program for the Encouragement of Multi-National Companies Project Centers in Israel. The program encourages Multi-National Companies to conduct joint R&D Projects with an Israeli partner while focusing the activity in the national preference zones and/or in tradtional industries.

International Programs: The Global Enterpriese R&D Cooperative Framework –GIRDF Contact: Yifat Turbiner: Ph 03-511-8116; This program attracts prominent multinational corporations (MNC) to forge investment cooperation deals with Israeli Start-ups.

Bi-National funds: Grants up to 50% of R&D expenses Fund Name countries:

BIRD Israel- USA (

BRITECH Israel – UK (

CIIRDF Israel – Canada (

KORIL-RDF Israel- Korea (

SIIRD Israel –Singapore (

Bi-Nationals: Bi-Lateral R&D Programs Matimop, Contact: Yair Amitay/ Haya Miller Ph 03-511-8111: the Israeli Industry Center for R&D operates international R&D agreements on behahf OCS with numerous European countries, South merica, China, Russia, Canada, and Australia.

Bi-Nationals: US-Israel Science & Technology Commission. The commission focuses on Life Sceinces, Clean Technology, Homeland Security, Aerospace, Renewed Energy, Water Technology, and Personalized Healthcare.


21 Ventures;

Benchmark Capital;

Bessemer Venture Partners;

Canaan Partners;

Central Arava Fund;

Eco Capital Ltd.;


Evergreen Venture Partners;

Gaon AquAgro Fund;

Gemini Israel Funds;

Genesis Partners;

 Giza Venture Capital;

Greylock Israel;

Israel Cleantech Ventures;

L Capital Partners;

Links List/ Israel VC’s; wonderful list, includes more than are listed here;

Maniv Energy Capital;

Oasis Investment Fund;

Opus Capital;

Pitango Venture Capital:


Sequooia Capital Israel:

Shaked Global Group:

Shrem Fudim Group;

Siemens Venture Capital;

Star Ventures;

Tamir Fishman Ventures:

Terra Venture Partners;



YL Ventures;


3G Solar (solar);

Amiad Filtration Systems (water);

Arora (Solar);

AquaPure Technologies (water);

Aquarius Technologies;

AqWise (water);

Arava Power (solar);

Arrow Ecology (waste treatement);

Atlantium (water);

Better Place (Electric car infrastructute);

BioPetroClean (purification);

Blue I Technologies (water);

BPT Bio-Pure Technology (water);

BrightSource Energy (solar);

BrightView Systems (solar);

CellEra (fuel cells);

CheckLight (water);

Chromagen (solar);

Coral Group:

Coriolis Wind (wind);

CQM (energy Efficiency);

Crytech (energy efficient cooling);

Desalitech (desalination);

Dorot Water Technologies;

EER (waste Management);

ELSPEC (wind);

EMEFCY (energy from waste);

EnStorage (fuel cells);

Evogen (biofuel);

G. Systems (energy);

Galten (biodiesel);

GES – Global environmental Solutions (water);

Green Vision Systems (env. Monitoring);

Green Way (civil engineering);

GreenRoad Technologies (transportation);

GreenSn Energy (solar);

IDE Technologies (desalination);

Iqwind (wind);

Levgum (rubber recycling);

Leviathan Energy (wind, waves);

Lextran (air pollution reducer);

Metrolight (energy efficiency);

Netafim (drip irrigation);

Nirosoft (water);

Ormat Technologies (geothermal);

P2W (wastewater treatement);

pH20 Water Technologies (water);

Phoebus Energy (energy efficiency);

Pythagoras Solar (solar);

Real Housing (green construction);

Scodix (printing);

Seambiotic (algea-based biofuel);

SolarEdge (solar);

Solar Power Ltd. (solar);

Solel Solar Systems (solar);

TaKaDu (water);

TechnoSpin Wind (wind);

Techtium (battery management);

Vortex (polution Control;

WaterSheer (water);

Xjet Solar (solar);

ZenithSolar (solar);


Gil Dibner/ Genesis

Michael Eisenberg/ Benchmark;

Rami Beracha/ Pitango:

Jacob Ner-David/ Jer. Capital;

Eze Vidra/ VC Café:

Yaron Galai;

Sagi Rubin/Gemini;

Tali Aben;

Ed Mlavsky/Gemini;

Ouriel Ohayon/ Gemini;

Daniel Cohen/ Gemini;

Shai Agassi/ Project Better Place;

Giza VC Blog: