Getting basic information


The Ministry of Immigrant Absorption, via the Entrepreneurs Division, operates a Business Information Center for the benefit of new immigrants and returning residents.
The Center offers basic business information services from business consultants in the following languages: Hebrew, English, Russian, French, and Spanish.
You can contact the Business Information Center in the following ways:
By telephone: 1-700-70-20-71, 24 hours a day every day except Saturdays and holidays.
By e-mail: or by fax: (03) 9674094.
If you are calling from overseas, please contact our FREE CALL Global Center, 24 hours a day every day except Saturdays and holidays.
Free-Call Global Center
USA: 1-866-835-0430
Canada: 1-866-421-8912
Britain: 0-800-404-8984
Australia: 1-800-445-781
South Africa: 0-800-916-647
Mexico: 1-877-684-5552
Argentina: 0-800-444-9744
Brazil: 0-800-891-8023
Venezuela: 0-800-100-1131 (Cod. 2079)


Contact assisting organizations
The Ministry of Immigrant Absorption offers assistance through a network of centers for the advancement of entrepreneurship – MATI Centers in Hebrew - which are run by professional workers, business leaders and representatives of the local authority. These centers were established particularly to assist small businesses. Most centers also have English and Russian speaking counselors.
To receive assistance, contact:
- Directly at one of the many branches of MATI that are affiliated with the entrepreneur encouragement program or
- Contact the regional entrepreneurship counselor at one of the district bureaus of the Ministry of Immigrant Absorption:

Tel Aviv
6, Esther Hamalka St.
Tel. 1599-500-901
Fax: 03-520-9173

15 A, Pal Yam St.
Tel. 1599-500-922
Fax: 04-863-2336

31, Shazar St.
Tel. 1599-500-921
Fax: 08-628-0529