Business Tutoring


The business tutoring project is meant to provide small and medium-sized businesses with managerial aids and professional counseling through training and practice at the level of the individual firm. Some 400 skilled and experienced consultants from the business sector provide professional consulting to enterprises employing between 5 and 100 persons.


Subsidized consulting services
Consulting is provided in the following fields: general management, financial management, financial review, production management, data systems and computerization, marketing and human resource management.
The Ministry of Industry and Trade covers 75% of the consultants' fees, and up to 150 hours of consultation for every enterprise.
The SBDCs (MATI Centers) also run a tutoring program of up to 20 consultation hours for businesses with 1-4 employees.
This program's goal is to meet the limited needs of such businesses, hence the limited number of hours.


MATI Centers