Industrial and Commercial Associations


Manufacturers’ Association of Israel (MAI)
Since its establishment in 1921, the Manufacturers’ Association of Israel (MAI) is recognized as a central force in the Israeli economy as a whole, and in the industrial sector in particular.
With more than 2,000 affiliated companies, the MAI constitutes a powerful force in all decision making at the macro-economic level, including subjects such as labor and foreign trade – both at the level of proposed parliamentary legislation, as well as law implementation.
MAI’s branch associations include the Association of Electronics & Software Industries, the Chemical, Pharmaceutical and Environmental Society, the Textile and Fashion Industries Association, the Infrastructure Products and Consumer Goods Association, the Food Industries Association and the Metal, Electrical and the Infrastructure Industries Association.
MAI’s organizational structure includes a Division of Foreign Trade and International Relations and a Small and Medium Businesses Committee.
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Israeli Association of Electronics & Software Industries
This Association represents the electronics and software industries, which account for around 50% of Israel’s total exports. Members come from both the private and government sectors. Also active within the framework of the Association, or in collaboration with it, are: the Society of Electronic and Information Industries – an independent and voluntary body that unites companies from all sectors of the economy, and subsidiaries of multinational companies, as well as the Israeli Association of Software Houses.
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Kibbutz Industries Association (KIA)
The Kibbutz Industries Association represents, assists and promotes kibbutz industry, which is the economic backbone of the kibbutzim.
The Kibbutz Industries Association was established in 1962 and is an umbrella organization that represents more than 300 companies of the kibbutzim, cooperative settlements and regional industrial plants throughout Israel, most of which are located in Israel’s periphery. Most kibbutz industries are rooted in the traditional industries (agro-technology, irrigation, plastic, food-processing, furniture, etc.). A high level of employee commitment, capable management, constant innovation and an accelerated development of exports characterize these plants, which employ many kibbutz members as well external workers.
The Association represents, assists and promotes kibbutz industry by taking care of the common interests of the companies, by representation before government institutions and economic bodies and by supporting growth and renewal processes.
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Federation of Israeli Chambers of Commerce
The Federation of Israeli Chambers of Commerce (FICC) is one of Israel's largest and most influential business organizations. Strictly non-profit, non-political and non-partisan, FICC is dedicated to a market economy and free enterprise. As the country's largest employers association, FICC is one of the leading members of the coordinating council of Israel's economic organization, and represents the interests of Israel's business sector, including wholesale and retail, service providers and importers.
FICC acts as a sorting house for essential data on Israel's business sector. The Federation supports small businesses, and encourages entrepreneurs and new immigrants to establish themselves in Israel's business community.
FICC is a totally autonomous body that operates independently of the Government or any other institution. FICC serves as the roof organization of 5 regional Chambers of Commerce: Tel Aviv, Jerusalem, Haifa, Beer Sheba and Nazareth.  
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Israel Venture Association (IVA)
The Israel Venture Association (IVA) was founded in 1996 in response to the extensive development of hi-tech and venture capital activities in Israel. It is a broad-based membership organization representing the diverse aspects of the VC industry in Israel, including the major VC funds and other venture investors, service providers, technological incubators, investment and commercial banks, private investors and private equity firms. Since the establishment of the YOZMA program by the Israel Government, which served as a catalyst for the creation of a viable VC community, Israeli VCs continue to lead the efforts to make Israel a true source of technological innovation.
The IVA has become the major source of financing for start-up and early stage technology companies. With $10 billion in capital, Israeli VCs have played a major role in making Israel an important global source of innovation.
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Israel Diamond Exchange
The Israel Diamond Exchange plays a central role in the diamond industry, operating within the framework of the Israeli Diamond Industry for the benefit of its members. The Diamond Exchange sets policy with regard to trade rules and befitting conduct of its members; one of its central functions is operating the legal institution which constitutes an integral and essential part in the commercial life of the members, acting for their benefit.
The Israeli diamond industry is one of the most important and largest diamond centers worldwide. In addition to its status as a leading polishing center, the Israeli diamond industry has developed into an international trade center through which rough and polished diamonds pass regularly and subsequently adorn a significant volume of the diamond jewelry sold all over the globe.
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