MATI Centers


The Israel Small and Medium Enterprises Authority (ISMEA) is engaged in establishing and supporting the operation of Small Business Development Centers (MATI centers in Hebrew) in several Israeli cities. MATI Centers act as a one-stop-shop for the business owner or entrepreneur, by providing them a package of services for their own benefit and successful business performance.


Main services
· Professional advice - help is available from professional advisors in a wide range of areas: preliminary consultation in making the decision to start a business; business advice and the preparation of a business plan; management of marketing; financial advice; guidance on organization; personnel, etc. The nature and duration of the advice are tailored to suit each applicant.
· Training - MATI Centers offer courses and workshops, specifically adapted to small and medium enterprises and entrepreneurs. Among the subjects covered: establishment and management of the business, marketing, a course for small and start-up exporters, computerization and the Internet, electronic trading, courses for new immigrants, etc.
· Referral to sources of finance – MATI Centers can be of assistance in the process of referral for obtaining finance from one of the funds earmarked for small and medium enterprises, or in an application to other financial institutions and frameworks. In addition, the CPEs can assist in the preparation of the business plan required for receiving finance.



MATI Jerusalem  - Business Development Center
9 Ha‘uman Street,
P.O.Box 52169
Jerusalem 91521
Tel.     972-2-679-4242, Fax: 972-2-679-3838
More info on the MATI Jerusalem website 


MATI Raanana
3 Tel Hai Street, Ra'anana, 43405
Tel. 972-9-760-2716
Fax: 972-9-760-2245
More info on MATI Raanana website


MATI Haifa
35, Hameginim St.,
POBox 33451, Haifa
Tel. 972-4-853-1439
Fax: 972-4-853-2877


MATI Beersheva
141, Mordei Hagetaot St.
Tel. 972-8-627-5450
Fax: 972-8-623-6589


MATI Ashdod
Tzimer Center
Menachem Begin Blvd.
Tel. 972-8-866-6026
Fax: 972-8-866-6445
More info on MATI Ashdod website


MATI Natanya
2, Hatzoran St.
POBox 8874
Poleg Industrial Zone
Natanya 42504
Tel. 972-9-885-5661
Fax. 972-9-885-9187


MATI Bnei-Brak
19, Epstein St.
Bnei Brak
Tel. 972-3-616-0054
Fax. 972-3-618-9552
More info on MATI Bnei-Brak  website


MATI Holon
Campus Chenkin
Shmueli Building, Floor 3
109, Chenkin St.
Holon 58394
Tel. 972-3-550-1128
Fax. 972-3-550-1129
More info on MATI Holon website


MATI Rishon LeZion
34, Ein Hakore St.
Rishon LeZion 75271
Tel. 972-3-967-4704
Fax. 972-3-967-4094
More info on MATI Rishon Lezion website