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The first meeting of the Committee of the Koret Israel Economic Development Funds (KIEDF) was held on April 11, 1994 in Beersheva, Israel. The committee considered 4 applications and approved one $15,000 loan.
Since then, KIEDF has approved over 6,500 loans and leveraged over $185 million of financing to every conceivable type of small business from Metula to Eilat.
The challenge was to demonstrate how philanthropy could be deployed efficiently into the private sector to spur economic development and create jobs for recent immigrants and veteran Israelis alike. Despite impediments initially erected by entrenched institutional interests, KIEDF has managed to far exceed the original expectations of its founder, the Koret Foundation of San Francisco, and loyal supporters that have followed.
What began as a small experiment has become the dominant private sector small business program in Israel, and a dynamic financial services platform that develops and operates with various partners innovative programs - models for market-based solutions to stimulate economic growth.
We believe that over 100,000 Israelis - business entrepreneurs, employees and their families - that have had the opportunity to gain some modicum of economic freedom and respect with a little help from KIEDF would agree that the initiative has been beneficial.


Small business loan funds
Leveraging loan guarantees and providing interest subsidies to facilitate financing to small businesses lacking access to credit on reasonable terms.
In partnership with Bank Otzar Hachayal and Discount Bank.


Regular loans for small businesses*

Amount: up to NIS 250,000
Fund’s average guarantee: 35%
Period: 5 years (up to 3 months grace)
Interest: Prime + 0.5%
Personal capital: 10% of the investment plan
Securities: up to 65% of the loan - the spouse's signature on the loan + external guarantor.

Also available compound loans for up to NIS 600,000.


Micro-enterprise loan funds
Leveraging loan guarantees to facilitate financing to small, home-based and micro businesses lacking access to credit on reasonable terms.
In partnership with Bank Otzar Hachayal and Discount Bank.


Micro Credit Fund

Loan: Between NIS 20,000 and NIS 65,000
Period: 36 months
Interest: Prime + 2.25%
Securities: up to 40,000 NIS – the spouse's signature on the loan, up to NIS 60,000 – the spouse's signature on the loan + one guarantor


Micro finance programs
Providing training, loan guarantees and post-loan mentoring to economically disadvantaged populations to establish home-based and other small businesses. In partnership with various business development NGOs, local organizations, and Bank Hapoalim.


Women's Business Loans

Loan: up to NIS 20,000
Interest: Prime + 1%
Period: 36 months
Securities: personal guarantee

*Subject to possible changes, as well as all the figures, terms and conditions quoted on this page.


Administrative Office
8 b, Henrietta Szold St.
Beersheva 84894, Israel
HOTLINE  (Israel): 1-700-50-90-10
Tel (Intl) 972-8-627-96-42
Fax: 972-8-623-01-71
e-mail: koret-il@zahav.net.il
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