The Israel Small and Medium Enterprises Authority (ISMEA)


Established in 1993 at the initiative of the Ministry of Industry and Trade, the ISMEA is a non-profit association which operates as an independent entity in partnership with Government ministries, economic organizations and the public.
The main objectives and functions of the ISMEA are:
· To promote and implement policies to encourage small and medium-sized businesses and to create tools for assisting them.
· To coordinate all of the institutions and bodies engaged in encouraging small and medium-sized businesses.
· To establish local, regional and professional support centers for entrepreneurs and businessmen and to support and guide them in their activities.
· To initiate the establishment of funds and other financial instruments to assist these businesses.


Assisting new immigrants
The assistance offered to new immigrants, in addition to the provision of advice and training through Small Business Development Centers (MATI in Hebrew), includes courses and workshops especially designed for new immigrants, in coordination and close partnership with the Ministry of Immigrant Absorption.


Israel Small and Medium Enterprises Authority
14 Gruzenberg St.
Tel Aviv 65811
Tel: (972)-3-510-7555
Fax: (972)-3-510-7557
More info on the ISMEA website