Keren Shemesh Fund for Young Entrepreneurs


The Keren Shemesh Fund is a privately funded NGO investing in the next generation of business leaders. The Fund was initiated in 2005 by the Rashi Foundation, based in Israel, and the Edmond J. Safra Philanthropic Foundation, based in Switzerland.
The Keren Shemesh Fund primarily aims to assist young entrepreneurs who do not have access to conventional finance and other business resources empowering them to establish and sustain their own business and by this drive the Israeli economy and society.
After launching a pilot program in December 2005, the Keren Shemesh Fund was accredited by YBI in December 2007, having at that time assisted over 260 new businesses. These new businessmen and women come from all sectors of Israeli society: Jewish, Arab, Christian, Druze and others. All must be aged between 20 and 33 with the motivation, courage and creativity to launch a new enterprise.
The Keren Shemesh Fund has provided them with the financial and professional resources they need to fulfill their personal dream of establishing and sustaining a business.


Loan amount and terms*
- Target population: Young entrepreneurs (20-33 years old).
- It must be his/her first business venture.
- Maximum credit line: NIS 90,000
- Equity Capital: 15% of the investment
- Interest: None
- Payment period: 5 years (up to 6 months grace)
- Securities: 2 guarantors.
- The loans are given through Bank Otzar Hachayal

*Subject to possible changes, as well as all the figures, terms and conditions quoted on this page.


The Keren Shemesh Foundation for Young Entrepreneurs
"Rose" House
18 Yosef Kairo 2nd Floor
Tel Aviv, Israel
Tel: +972 3 561 3343
Fax: +972 3 561 3310


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