IBC Profile


Israel Business Connection (IBC) is a unique mentoring program established and operated by the Council of Immigrant Associations in Israel in order to promote and assist the successful integration of new immigrants in the local business arena, especially as small business entrepreneurs.

Our experienced team of volunteers and professional consultants are available to guide and assist you voluntarily, giving you useful and updated information about the Israeli market and its business opportunities, while teaching you to avoid the most common but avoidable mistakes.

In other words, IBC operates as a friendly, unbiased and highly experienced one-stop-shop for any new immigrant willing to know everything about the local market during the various stages of establishing his or her own business in Israel.

IBC works in close cooperation with the Ministry of Immigrant Absorption, Business IL,  the Jewish Agency, the Israel Small and Medium Enterprises Authority (ISMEA) of the Ministry of Industry and Trade, the Centers for the advancement of entrepreneurship (MATI Centers), the Israeli Export and International Cooperation Institute (IEICI), and Israel’s main industrial and trade associations.